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Artwork digital copy service for artists

Convert your artwork into digital files, suitable for large prints, ink jet, canvas, postcards, publicity, Internet, etc. or as an archive record. Professional photography for quality results.

You can bring your flat art work (e.g. painting, drawing, needlepoint, tapestry, etc.) to me or I can come to you which might be more convenient if you have large pieces or a quantity of work to avoid transport and the risk of damage.

Artwork copying

Price guide

£45 setup/admin fee* for the first artwork image file and then £9 per subsequent artwork image file at the same session.

*No setup/admin fee for 15 or more artwork, just £9 per image.


  • Setup and photography
  • Local travel
  • Post-production, i.e. Photoshop enhancement, cropping, colour and density corrections
  • High res. files TIFF, sRGB JPEG or any other format/size of selected images
  • Files sent via Internet within 24 hours
  • No VAT

Digital manipulation

Photoshop xmas puppies

Photshop spitfire

Experienced Photoshop operator that can carry out complex manipulations or simple retouching such as the removal of skin spots, blemishes, wrinkles, dust spot, etc. Some of these alterations will take only a few minutes and will be charged pro rata at £25 per half hour

Photoshop human totampole



Old photograph copied and restorationold picture restoration 1Old picture restored

High Resolution Digital File Copy

A typical restoration will cost between £20-35, depending on the amount of restoration work to be carried out in Photoshop.

Print are extra.

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